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AMV Spotlight

AMV Spotlights
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AMV fan reccing community. For highlighting fabulous Anime Music Video's.
Hello all, and welcome to amv_spotlight, the community where newbie fans, AMV alumni, or anyone with interest in the creative fandom can showcase their favorite AMV's.

As you may be aware, amv is short for Anime Music Video: A series of clips from a particular or multiple anime-like mediums arranged to music to show moods, themes, and it's characters in the story.

Don't be confused though, this isn't a community for amv editors, this is a place for fans of amv's to share with us their personal favorites. Any spotlighted amv does not have to be the works of the poster. But credit must be given to the creator, or they'll track us down and beat us with a tire iron.

Any amv that is posted can and probrobly will be subjected to heavy analysis, it may be credited as "amazingly edited" or "flashes of random scenes set to cliqué'd music".

A good format to use would be the one below, but it really doesn't matter too much. This is just for anyone that can't think of a good way to write their own.

Name of AMV:
Anime Used:

Summary: A good summary of what we're about to see, plus some initial comments on your part on the video. And if you actually want us to watch the video, it may be a good idea to include a link, otherwise your just a big tease. Don't kill their bandwidth though, be conservative.

Warnings: Does it have spoilers, or does it contain clips of blood, guts, nudes, boobs, or anything that might raise questions from 5 year old viewers. "Daddy, whats the red stuff coming from kitties ears?" or my personal favorite "Daddy, why is that man punching that woman with his pelvis?" Hehe.

The 5 Basic Steps Used To Avoid Wankerism

1. NO ANIME BASHING. Not all of your anime tastes will be the same, but that shouldn't stop people from posting an AMV they like, from an anime they like. Remember, we're focusing more on the AMV's here. If we're gonna bash anything, its the video. Hehehehe.

2. NO HARRASSMENT. It isn't your place to tell someone that they are losers, thats a right reserved for their spouces/boy-girlfriends/siblings.

3. POST GRAMMAR/SPELLING. Please, in the name of god, avoid the intentional use of l33t as it gives me such a headache. Proper grammar and spelling should be kept professional as well, however I'm no english teacher myself. So, just try and make it as neat as possible. Slang is acceptable, so is internet slang (but only to a certain degree please). Cursing is fun, just don't be too crude without putting it behind a lj cut.

4. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. None of that "this video sucks" or "that was gay" comments, unless the video featured either vaccuums or clips from Adam & (St)Eve. If you didn't like something, tell us why, and please have valid reasons. Nobody cares if you hate a video featuring monkey's just because one attacked you once and now you have a burning hatred of simians.

5. SPOILER WARNING. Now isn't just great when someone showcases a video, everyone watches, and the first flippin scene we see is a shot of a character death or the very last scene in a series that wraps it up. Cause then we're sitting there going -.- 0.0 Nnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Add a simple "Spoiler Warning" to avoid getting screamed at by anyone that had their favorite new show spoiled to them. *shakes fist*

You want to get BANNED, go ahead and troll. Or use this community to harrass someone that you know here. But if this community ever gets big enough... well then we'll hide among each other till I get you banned... So there... *sticks tongue out*

Am I, tarrin4ever, the expert authority on AMV's? Heck no, but I have a passion for the Creative Fandom (which i split into fanfic, fanart, and amv's). Utilizing anime stories to express your artistic talents is a wonderful thing, its a chance to give something back to the fandom that you love so much.

My ultimate goal would be to unite the interests of fanfic authors, fanart artists, and amv editors into one big artistic fandom.
(heh, excuse me for not including anything else that could be considered creative fandom, i just listed the ones i know.)

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